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Patient FAQs

Dr. Kim Khanh Nguyen - south san jose eye doctorWe want to make sure that you receive all of the information that you need to make educated decisions about your eye health. Our optometrist, Dr. Kim Khanh Nguyen, is always available to answer your questions.

Q. Is it okay to purchase my glasses online?

Dr. Kim Khanh Nguyen: A small but growing number of people these days are trying their luck with ordering eyeglasses online. The low prices and front door delivery can be enticing. Unfortunately, for many people it can turn out to be more of a headache than a convenience, and expensive (despite the low price) if the glasses don’t work well.

In general, the frames and lenses ordered online tend to be of low quality – you get what you pay for. Also, what many people underestimate is the real value of the services provided by the optician. A good optician will assist you in choosing a frame that fits properly on your face, recommend lens options that will benefit you personally, and take accurate measurements so that you see clearly through your lenses.

One of the important measurements taken is the PD or pupillary distance. You can learn to do this yourself at home. We use a higher-tech device in the office. Determining of the correct location for the bifocal, trifocal, or progressive add is even more complicated.

This vital measurement is specific to your face within the frame you choose and is most accurately done by a trained optician. Because it’s nearly impossible to get this right without being measured in person, it’s the most common reason our patients are displeased with their online purchases.

Speaking of being displeased, who do turn to for help when you have trouble with your glasses? Unfortunately, the personal service you need isn’t available with an online purchase.

An expert optician, ready with a smile and able to determine why you can’t read clearly with your new glasses or adjust the frame so that it sits comfortably on your face, can be…priceless!

If you experience any Eye Emergencies contact your South San Jose optometrist or emergency services immediately.