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Eye Disease Care at Image Eyecare Optometry

At Image Eyecare Optometry, we're committed to keeping your family's eyes healthy. Regardless of your age, your eyes deserve the best care. Our approach is simple — we prioritize you and your unique needs. We make your visit comfortable and effective by staying at the forefront of optometry technology and techniques.

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Managing Eye Ailments with Expertise

Diabetes and Its Impact on Your Eyes

Living with diabetes means taking extra care of your eyes. Diabetes can affect your vision, causing conditions like diabetic retinopathy. It's crucial to talk to your eye doctor about your diabetes to ensure you receive the best care.

Whether you need glasses for diabetic retinopathy or advice on treatment options, we're here for you.

Elder Male Smiling Covering his eye
Elder Male Smiling Eye Exam

Facing Glaucoma — Testing and Treatment

Glaucoma is a stealthy threat to your vision, often showing no symptoms until it's too late. Our glaucoma tests involve measuring eye pressure and detailed retinal scans. If detected, early treatment is essential.

We offer medications, conventional surgery, laser procedures, or a combination tailored to your needs. Regular eye exams are your first line of defense against glaucoma.

Discovering Hope in Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration can feel like a shadow on your life, affecting your central vision. While there's no outright cure, treatments can slow its progression. Dry macular degeneration may benefit from high-dose zinc and antioxidants, best managed through regular eye exams. Laser surgery, light-activated dyes, or eye injections can help restore sight for wet macular degeneration.

Elder Male Smiling Eye Exam

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious concern for those with diabetes. It comes in two types: nonproliferative and proliferative. If you have diabetes, watch out for blurred vision, floaters, or poor night vision.

Early treatment is vital to protect your sight. Vitrectomy, laser surgery, and controlling blood sugar levels can make a real difference.

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Your eye health is our top priority. We provide personalized, compassionate care to help you see clearly and maintain your quality of life.

Let's work together to keep your eyes healthy through every stage of life.